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Surgical Abortion Services in Dallas, TX

Early surgical pregnancy termination is a very safe and effective option when seeking to end a pregnancy. There is minimal discomfort, and you are completely able to walk and go about your day with very minimal recovery time usually just one day. Expert medical staff is always there for your safety and peace of mind. Surgical pregnancy termination has over a 99% success rate with few complications and minimal health risks.

You have already made the most difficult decision of your life now let Aaron Women’s Center help you.
We understand the difficulty in deciding about your reproductive healthcare choice especially when you have decided to terminate a pregnancy. At Aaron Women’s Center, we provide you with legal, confidential and safe services in a supportive and compassionate environment.

Aaron Women’s Center is the FIRST reproductive healthcare and abortion clinic in Texas to have a state-licensed anesthesiologist on staff. Both our state of the art facilities in Dallas and Houston have a full time anesthesiologist on staff and offer deep and pain-free anesthesia options daily to our clients. The medicine is highly effective in minimizing the discomfort and thus increases the safety of the terminal procedure.

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Aaron Women’s Center is a trusted and safer choice in Dallas, Texas.