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Birth Control

Emergency birth control or contraception prevents a woman from becoming pregnant after having unprotected coitus or vaginal intercourse. The term ‘unprotected’ means that either no birth control method was utilized. However, it can also mean that birth control was used but failed like a prophylactic condom that breaks during intercourse. Other scenarios can put a woman at risk of unwanted pregnancy. Potentially a woman could forget to take her birth control pill. Or she may have been forced to have sex that she didn’t want or was abused. Emergency birth control or contraception should never be used as a regular form of birth control methodology. There are many options of available birth control that women can use with reliability and on a regular regiment to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

How does emergency contraception work?

A combination or duo of two hormones prevent your ovaries from either release an egg or alter the interior lining of the uterine walls which precludes a fertilized egg from implanting. Emergency birth control or the Morning After Pill must be utilized within 72 hours of having unprotected sexual vaginal intercourse. However; the sooner you can take the pill the better the outcome. If you are certain that you don’t want to have children and would have an abortion if the Morning After Pill failed then you are the right candidate for the Morning After Pill. If you know that if you became pregnant that you would not have an abortion, then the Morning After Pill is not for you and you should consider another option of birth control methodology.

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Healthcare procedures to prevent or terminate a pregnancy are available now and can be administered at the first sign of pregnancy even as soon as the client has missed her first menstrual cycle period. This conveniently eliminates unnecessary delay and offers immediate access to women’s reproductive health care services.

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